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Invade the Nakatomi building and take hostages under the guise of being terrorists and then pull Mr. Naked bouncing boobs. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Even through trying to kill each other John and Hans actually seem to enjoy their snarky back and forth with each other. Die hard nude. Karl, until Al puts a few bullets in him. Despite being hung by his neck, suffocated and presumed dead he still gets one last Not Quite Dead 30 stories below in the lobby. The franchise did get crazier with each movie, but the first has many occasions of this: A silent version occurs when Karl points his gun into John's face from Behind the Blackright when the latter is about to warn the cops about the double cross on the roof.

John McClane is us. What happens to Gruber by the end. John does his best to avoid confrontations—his first goal is to get help from the local police—and gets hurt like anyone else would. Disappointed By The Motive: Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?!? The terrorists slaughter the SWAT team sent to storm the building and later kill the FBI agents on a helicopter after trying to blow the roof up with all the hostages on it.

Tell her [Holly] that she's the best thing that ever happened to a bum like me. Directed by Len Wiseman. Best big tits compilation. He is not content to merely deliver his wisecracks after killing someone though he does this occasionally: When the novel was optioned for filming, sixty-something Joe Leland from the book became thirty-something John McClane for the movie.

She is also in Holly's background in the scene where Hans pieces together that John is Holly's husband. Hans and John play this card on each other, in the same sceneno less. A man holds a gun to a young man's head. His scheme finally backfires when Gruber calls the bluff and coldly shoots Ellis dead to prove a point to McClane.

Drew Taylor Jul 18, You just watch your ass and you'll make it out. Later Gruber does the counting on John but this time his weapon wasn't loaded.

When it explodes and creates a very huge explosion which travels up the elevator shaft back to his face, his reaction says it all: Uncle Drew - 4. It can be heard when the vault is opened or when Gruber hums it on the elevator with Mr.

Die Hard 2 packs in the lean and the mean, along with the incredibly keen.

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While visiting the company where a group of terrorists take over and mayhem ensues, while John McClane fights to free the hostages and his wife. It sadly doesn't stick by the third movie. Nude fucking katrina kaif. Read my mind 4. The C4 bomb John discovers on the roof has a red blinking light and an audible beeper. Die hard nude. Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Also when he finds the explosives under the roof.

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Also, the big action sequence towards the end of the film, where McClane is forced to jump off the roof of the skyscraper with only a fire hose to stop his fall would have probably resulted in McClane breaking his back. A man is cut in two by a cable very quickly. Had useful details 6. There is a bit of swearing, violence and very slight drug use. Pictures of naked mexican women. During the party, a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber Alan Rickman seize control of the building and turn the party-goers into hostages — except for John, who manages to escape their initial siege.

Alan Rickman plays a German with his usual British accent. Said by Thornburg when he sees the destruction caused by McClane, then again after Holly slugs him for being a Jerkass and endangering herself and John.

Helped me decide 3. A man is shot several times in the legs in slow motion, bloody but not gory. It was played by the model of Frank Lloyd Wright's "butterfly bridge," which was designed to cross San Francisco Bay but never built.

Does any of the Die Hard movies have nudity in them? Hans is also very capable of improvising to keep the Batman Gambit of cutting the building's power on track which further contributes to his status as a Magnificent Bastard. Go ahead and share in the comments below.

John McClane gets in a brawl with Tony, before both of them tumble down a flight of stairs. Although the villains often pepper their dialogue with German, almost all plot-critical information is communicated through English, for no adequately explained reason aside from the audience's benefit.

But even he can go a little too far for a laugh. Adult Written by BestPicture July 25, Adult Written by Castellanos May 4, Best Job Posting Sites Online. Sticking multiple detonators into C4 doesn't increase its explosive potential; they simply deliver electric shocks to detonate the inert plastic explosive.

Powell as having explosives that can "orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger. Argyle, the limousine driveris oblivious to the hostage situation for half of the movie and useless for most of the rest, but in the last 15 minutes or so, he slams his limo into the getaway vehicle, trapping it against the wall of the garage and preventing Theo from escaping. Womens water polo nude. In actuality, his crew has rigged the roof to blow, killing all the hostages and hopefully the Fedsfaking their own deathsand throwing the authorities off long enough to enact their real escape plan, via fake ambulance.

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