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She is probably close to exceeding peak human capacity thanks to her Chozo DNA so it is idiotic for her to not show any muscule; she should look like an Olympian, not a lingerie model. Elisa maza nude. Did you miss the part that this costume comes from the GBA games?

The very people who drowned out your praise probably liked the unique design as well. Samus zero suit naked. Aside from that, feminists are just salty because Samus is thinner and prettier than them.

Having been a fan since the original game, I don't mind the zero suit. Edit it online https: Has everything a model import should have: Get over it people.

She is strong and capable, and the best part is that the fact that she's female is irrelevant. This was because of the death animation in Super that showed Samus wearing very little under the suit. Can anyone tell me what exactly the lights on the Zero Suit's purpose was in the Metroid universe? A fit woman is very naturally attractive to many men. Sometimes I would escape Zebes, triumphantly awaiting my reward only to see the "ok" ending because I didn't make the time limit.

They could've made a more interesting character but of course since it's a female character she's either going to be model or downright ugly. She looks like someone cosplaying Samus.

Because nobody has noted this yet She goes from being an avatar of the player and a warrior to a sex object and a reward to the player.

It's a video game character. Don't endorse emulation and hacking Discussion of emulation and hacks is allowed, but you cannot link or endorse them. Milfs that love young cock. And in the case of character design nothing is really just accidental. On the other hand, her decent air speed, decent double jump, and Flip Jump usually get ZSS close enough to recover.

Or, if you wanted a cooler answer, you could say that this is because places like Zebes Have so harsh of an environment that it speeds up the decay of ruins and temples.

No one's ever serious anymore. Either way, it wasn't always that way- she used to have super strength AND muscle definition. In the Melee screen for Samus without the helmet, it says that the suit is heavy, but that she moves very gracefully in it.

Most incarnations of Samus are lean and muscular in the same way, probably much stronger than a normal human of the same build, owing to her Chozo element, but most of the strength comes from the Power Suit.

But that can be done without turning her into some stock waifu shit a la Other M. I'll stick with the suit, thanks. They are largely fatty tissue, which burns off with physical activity. Dude, I have no more control over what I find sexually attractive than you do. News What's new Latest activity Authors.

It's not that a good female character can't be sexy, it's that we've lost gaming's strongest and most salient argument against the opposite, that a strong female character can avoid sexualization. You're Good to Go!

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And then Nintendo decided for whatever reason to double down on fanservice, completely breaking that argument. Body paint milf. It's big and clunky looking, and that's how it should be for a big and built person. Nobody cares if Samus is attractive, it's that she's blatantly sexualized and in some cases could be considered objectified rather than, y'know, being a character.

My wife was happy that wonder woman was an tall muscular woman, which suits the character. And, if you read the description it would be clear that A This isn't my work to giver permission for porting B I really don't care what happens to it, I've honestly considered taking it down several times recently because of all the annoying comments.

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Alternatively, this ad may have just failed to load. I wouldn't call these small tbh. This is a combination of physical and mental strength. She could easily be, what, like 5'11" if not 6' and around lbs? According to the manga the Chozo were still alive and kicking during the events of Metroid 1. Samus zero suit naked. It doesnt fit like a skin tight suit actually would, it appears to have space to leave Samus' breasts comfortably free and open so they don't look squished because that'd make the sex appeal harder and it seems to go riiiight up her butt just so you get to see what her full ass would look like if she was nude.

She was a symbol of what you could do with a female protagonist in a video game: Mindwipe77 - 3 years ago. I'm sure a lot of people do it even though they wouldn't like to admit it. Real milf nude. People are going renagade with semantics when it's just easier and more logical to take it for what it is.

That a female character could be anything a male character could. Basically, Other M's Samus is designed almost purely around sex appeal, almost completely ignoring physical prowess and fitness. Choose a type of image to add. A fit woman is very naturally attractive to many men. Alot of people outside of Japan think that attractive sexy women also cant be strong and independent for whatever reason. Have fun you kids. Both textures are included in the download and both are edited from Dragon Arts's nude ZSS texture changes to the uncensored texture: To be honest she looks funny in Other M.

Samus always been and always will be a sexy bad ass woman. The behavior in Other M you said to ignore, so I did. Emmanuelle nude pics. I want cool sci-fi, not that. In the Melee screen for Samus without the helmet, it says that the suit is heavy, but that she moves very gracefully in it.

I don't get it either and all it did for me was make me respect the character less. This was because of the death animation in Super that showed Samus wearing very little under the suit. This may be because I'm an outsider looking in, but I've always been extremely baffled when people say that the former was the worst thing that could ever happen to Samus.

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WWW HOT SEXY LESBIAN COM Well, it was more like they became reallly reclusive.
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Free naked latino women Buff Samus makes more sense.
Www big tit girls com Is the first image from an unlocked image gallery? I actually feel like they did a decent job of dialing back on the anime-esque look in Other M and Smash 4. Found model online and posed in blender.

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