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That possibility makes me sad, though. Milf long porn. But at the same rate, don't just give me female nudity, give me male nudity as well. Scarlet blade naked girls. If this was WoW and then it changed into something like SB, that would be a reason to argue on the outfits: Can't believe someone thought making an "Adult MMO" is a good idea. Also for the last time male power fantasy shares many points of attraction with what females consider sexy, the difference is in the presentation not simply the physical traits.

Fuck, that's an understatement. Agree 6 Disagree 2. Found the Destroyer player with Dark Sandstorm. Always boneing their way in with their bishounen looks, or huge muscles, wearing practical armor so stupidly often, swinging around their big, useful weapons, never healing cozza their stupid testosterone fueled bloodlusts, and almost always appealing to guys!

And while there are two sides to choose from, the only point of that seems to be for PvP, since their classes, skills, stories and quests are almost identical. RPS Feature Thanks for the mammaries. I just copied all the new tex-files inside, but let the old ones stay Windows asks for that.

Agree 6 Disagree 0. Hard nude tits. As in this thread http: Of course, in practice the players in the West who are most likely to play Scarlet Blade, unlike the other MMOs, are most certainly less than 17 years old.

It's such an easy way to destroy your game's credibility before people even get to try it. I also want to be able to spend stats points in dick size, so people will be even more frightened when they see me coming. I consider myself to be something of a Feminist and I do not endlessly take men to task for being men. Weekly Scheduled Discussions The following topics are posted weekly.

K game on 1. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. If you know what Queen's Blade is you'd know well Who said sexism in video games is dead. The game is a stock Korean MMO with flashy but not very satisfying combat.

It was as though the collective hormone-choked air was hypnotizing every player, but I'm sure the trolls do exist. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Maybe when I was 14 that aesthetic would be to my liking. This type of fanservice design is offensively useless.

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I imagine someone else, definitely me, not giving a damn.

Tonester d ago I love real boobs Agree 3 Disagree 0. Not terribly surprised at this news, really. Shaved japanese milf. It simply goes ahead hands itself to the straight-male demographic for free who enjoy being part of that kind of sci-fi-sexy fantasy.

Apr 1, Messages: From Korea to Western release, many things are renamed. I must learn more, I love games with mechs, even if they are fanservicy When I first saw the thumbnail of a screenshot of this game my first thought was "wow that looks like an awesome mech! That which does quell the recalcitrant. Watch live video from massivelytv on TwitchTV Here's the weirdest part: Minor example, the end of the Devilkin Cave in Mereholt is actually the innards of a still living, breathing Narak.

Originally Posted by Flaks. I was surprised too: Yes, giant robots are yours to control at level 17 even though much of their cool appeal is lost as soon as you notice the placement of holes in the armor that leave key body parts and the associated jiggle-physics open for all to see.

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Furthermore, the game in Korea has about costumes. Was Once a Man: Really though, compare bns to just about any other mmo. Posted February 19, edited. Scarlet blade naked girls. Daring sex lesbian. It doesn't really try to hide what it's trying to be or who it's aiming itself at. But then, as a mostly straight female, perhaps I am not as "distracted" by the mostly undressed female characters.

This kinda looks like F. As an adult, I don't want mature content to treat me like a child. The Cyberblade practically borrows the abilities of all his elder Sisters, and yet excels in none of them. Some of the missions the player undertakes make the Arkana morally uncomfortable, such as poisoning the blood a group of dangerous mutants use in rituals to kill them and make it safer for innocents in the area.

Of course they wouldn't get out the bear. The Gon, male and female, have more skin showing in thier outfits. My gosh, anyone would think she had just stabbed your mother, you're that offended that she wants more fabric on the outfits. Blitz, whose known side-effects include the usual problems of drug-dependency with the chance to mutate into monster. Fuck local girls. Latest Videos Reviews Everything.

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Even Beatrice wonders if the Arkana are nothing more but disposable tools to be "decommissioned" after they have achieved their objectives.

Though she's older than she looks, she wants everyone to know she's more mature than she really is, possibly as a reaction to being Not Allowed to Grow Up. As soon as I knew that I was going to be covering Scarlet Bladethe new title published by Aeria GamesI decided that I was not going to dedicate 1, words or so to discussing just how stupidly offensive the game is.

But the devs and publisher decision were awful. Megan vaughn nude pics. Guys don't really wanna be women looking at hot women. What they all have in common is that if you clicked on the link, all you were going to find was some bland Korean isometric game, probably cloned from a kit or running in about fifteen different versions around the web, quite often with lots of stolen assets and absolutely nothing sexy or remotely sexual.

One of the costume options, appropriately fetishized. Scarlet blade naked girls. Download Scarlet Blade right now. Naked christian women We say that women are more attracted to nebulous mental qualities and don't care so much about physical appearance, this is a bullshit excuse because we are made uncomfortable by the idea of male sexuality as it is often confused with homosexual portrayals or media hint hint maybe that's why females are often made uncomfortable with their portrayal in games, it rubs up into that same area where men are made uncomfortable by their own gender being sexy and calling it gay.

Mereholt is a vast snowy mountains with twisting roads. Where do the days go?

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